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Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah Zareen and I’m the Founder and CEO of Ishq Skincare. I handcraft each of the sustainable organic products, market them online and in person at local markets. It does come across like I live and breathe Ishq, but I do have other things that I’m passionate about. 

I love reading, always have. In my childhood I could finish a book within a couple of hours! Now I take longer because reading relaxes me so much that I cannot read beyond a few pages before sleep envelops me.

Gardening is my therapy. There is something about feeling the warmth of the Earth within your fingers that puts you in your place. When I’m out planting, nothing matters in that moment except holding true to being a custodian of the land. And the joy you feel when you experience something you’ve nurtured bloom is incomparable! I have a vision of a larger space where I grow every dry ingredient that goes into Ishq products.

Growing up in the Southern and Western hemispheres of the world has given me an opportunity to learn-about perseverance, kindness, giving and showing respect to the world around.

I’ve found inspiration and guidance from the Prophets, may Peace and Blessings be upon them, of how to live a life of service and gratitude. I’ve grown up seeing my parents show respect and kindness to everyone, from the delivery boy to our teachers. It was their example that moved me to volunteer with Stand Up For Kids-Silicon Valley, a national nonprofit dedicated to end youth homelessness.
The lessons I learnt from fellow volunteers, and the homeless youth, are innumerable. But the ones I hold close to my heart are three: to be kind, to be non judgmental and, to listen.

An important lesson the homeless youth taught me was to never give up on one’s dreams. They gave me the courage to pursue one of mine – being a travel show host. piggybacksarah.com was born out of a desire to make travel accessible for everyone, and to present family-friendly options. I believe strongly in the kindness of humanity. Through my travel videos, I want to show that we are not different from one another, that there is no “us vs them”, that we all bleed, cry and laugh the same. 

Ishq Skincare is a result of all of my experiences. It started in 2009 with wanting to improve connection with The Divine by making sure what I’m putting in and on my body is pure and sourced ethically. It also meant cleaning up my speech-no cussing. Something I still struggle with! 😀 

To make a long story short, I have been making organic skincare for myself and others for many years before launching Ishq Skincare on May 2, 2018. I wanted every aspect of my company to mean something, to give back to the community. Starting with the name, which came to me when I was in prayer. Urdu is a language that is not only supremely poetic, but also one that I grew up speaking. It is such an integral part of my cultural soul, that Ishq blooms from it. The mission of Ishq Skincare feels so natural to me – to make healing organic skincare simple, sustainable and accessible for everyone. 

I am nothing without my family. my parents, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles, unflinchingly support me in everything that I do. Whether it is fighting for social and racial justice, or taking Ishq Skincare into new areas, my family is always praying for my safety, happiness and success.

My family loves me because I am one of them. My husband’s love is another blessing. Without him by my side, always encouraging, calming, making sense of my emotions, happily eating omelet for dinner for many consecutive nights, I would have been a tangled mess!

Ishq Skincare is possible because of my family. It is their teachings and Blessings that I infuse into each batch of non-toxic, healing skincare.

May Ishq envelop you with all the Love and Goodness that’s put in it.


Sarah Zareen

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