Organic Scrubs

You know the feeling when your skin feels dirty and using a face wash just doesn’t cut it? That’s when using an all-natural scrub helps.

Our skin is continuously producing new skin cells. Our dead skin cells do fall off by themselves through regular wear & tear, but a whole bunch of them stick to our skin. If they’re not exfoliated in a timely manner, our fresh skin cells don’t get a chance to shine. Pores get blocked leading to breakouts and an overall yucky, sticky feeling.

Ishq Scrubs are handcrafted with locally sourced non-toxic ingredients and stand out from other off the shelf scrubs with their ability to moisturize while exfoliating your skin. We recommend choosing an Ishq Scrub that has your favorite scent profile. Whichever one you choose, you will infuse your being with healing goodness that gently removes impurities while nourishing your skin.

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