Organic Coconut & Coffee Scrub – Shamaa


Is your skin dry this winter? Do you find yourself moisturizing but the hydration is temporary?

Have you tried exfoliation?

Using a non toxic Scrub to gently remove dry & dead skin cells helps your skin absorb and retain moisture.

You asked and we listened 🙂 

As a special for February, the month of Love, pre orders for Shamaa, Ishq Organic Coconut-Coffee Scrub are now open. We will be accepting orders till February 9th. Guaranteed delivery for Valentines Day. Order yours soon! 

Shamaa (shuh-maa) in Urdu means an Attractive Light.  This non toxic, organic scrub is so addictive that once you use it, your inner light can’t help but shine bright.

Rich in vitamins & minerals, the organic dried coconut & ground coffee beans gently remove dead skin cells and the coconut oil infuses your skin with much needed hydration.

Your Shamaa feels like fresh coconut & coffee. She takes you to a place of comforting warmth beneath swaying coconut palm trees, as the sun rises over soft, sandy shores while you’re sipping on a cup of freshly brewed local coffee.

This batch of Shamaa is special. We’re honored to use freshly roasted coffee from Bison Coffee House in Portland, Oregon. Supporting Native Owned businesses is an honor. We love Bison Coffee House! Every aspect of the shop is infused with a sense of intention and tells its own story. That story is deeply rooted in a sense of Native ancestry, a passion for comfort food, and a dedication to community. You can read more about their story here


Shamaa is a limited edition. We are accepting pre orders only. Guaranteed by February 14th

Get your Shamaa sooner than later!

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Organic dried coconut, organic coconut oil, coffee from Bison Coffee House, organic coffee bean extract, vitamin E oil


Massage in a circular motion a quarter teaspoon of Shamaa onto moist skin for one minute. Wash off, pat dry & moisturize with your favorite Ishq moisturizer. Most of our clients don’t find the need to after using Shamaa!


  • Safe for all ages. Kids especially love Shamaa
  • Safe for face & all body use
  • Safe for all skin types. Shamaa is gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Use Shamaa to remove your make up
  • We love using Shamaa in the shower. Make sure take as much Shamaa as you’d like in a shatter proof bowl into the shower. Scrub away and rinse off. No mess & no clean up after!
  • Store Shamaa in a cool dry place, away from sun light


Shamaa is a fresh organic scrub handcrafted without any preservatives or stabilizers. We guarantee 2 months from the opening of the jar

Gift Set:

Shamaa is wonderful by herself, but when you pair with Fanaa, Ishq’s Organic Frankincense Moisturizing Cream you bump up your skin’s hydration!

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I used Shamaa on my face this weekend and it certainly revitalized my skin. I love the smooth feeling afterwards and that you don’t need to apply serum or other cream afterwards due to the moisturizing and soothing property of coconut oil. This scrub is safe enough to be used on the lips as well – say bye bye to cracked lip! I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

– Dawn Becker

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