Organic Frankincense – Fanaa


Handcrafted with nourishing butters & healing oils, Ishq Organic Frankincense Moisturizing Cream deeply moisturizes your skin without leaving a greasy feel. Infused with organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Fanaa has the power to firm your skin, and lighten age & sun spots. 

Use Fanaa daily and watch your skin bloom in non toxic, phthalate free nourishment

“Annihilation of the soul” is what Fanaa (fun-aah) means in Urdu. One of the final stages of Love according to the Sufi tradition, Fanaa is the stage where you & your beloved become one with Love itself, with no beginning & no end.


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Take a tiny amount of Fanaa, and gently massage into clean skin. Inhale the healing goodness, exhale all your stress

Multi Use:

Fanaa is an all body cream. Use her where you feel inspired to – face, hands, feet, back, elbows


Ishq clients have found a brightening of under eye pigmentation & reduction of crows feet, when using Fanaa as an eye cream

For deeper, and sustainable healing skin nourishment, exfoliate dead skin cells with Ishq Organic Mask before using Fanaa

Healing Ingredients:

Organic Cocoa Butter – UV protection

Organic Shea Butter – Softens & hydrates

Organic Beeswax – Humectant: keeps skin hydrated

Organic Almond Oil – Reduces puffiness

Organic Coconut Oil – Antioxidant: reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Organic Olive Oil – Anti inflammatory: calms inflammations

Vitamin E – Nourishes over all skin health

Lanolin – Emollient: helps soothe dry & dehydrated skin

Organic Frankincense Essential Oil – Brightens, tightens

Rose Water – Balances natural skin oils

Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Reduces signs of aging


Keep away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. We love keeping Fanaa in our dresser drawer. Temperature fluctuations may cause the waters to separate from the cream, which is normal. If left alone, they will reabsorb. Please don’t stir it.


Fanaa is a fresh organic moisturizing cream handcrafted without any stabilizers or preservatives. We guarantee 90 days from the opening of the jar. You may prolong it’s life by storing it in the fridge. Just remember to use it!

Gift Set:

Fanaa is fantastic by itself as a gift, but even better as part of a detox gift set with Uns, our ancient volcanic mud & rose mask.

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“Had a full on Ishq Skincare night tonight. After two arduous workouts; my face was begging me for an Ishq facial. I answered with: first a Noor face wash; then, a Jugnoo (organic hibiscus and rice flour) facial. I mixed the Jungoo with a tsp. of organic Vitamin C oil. Applied, dried and rinsed. The final, oh so nourishing organic moisturizing cream Fanaa is doing it’s magic now! Soft & elegant. I deserve this! You do too!!”

– Nita Wornom


“Ishq is one of the loveliest products I have ever used on my skin. I have both the lavender and frankincense moisturizers and I use them when I need an extra dose of clarity and calm in my day. I order Ishq for my coaching clients and Sarah is great at helping me identify how I want them to feel when using her products. Get all the things, they will make you so happy and you will feel so luxurious”

Dr. Melissa Bird.


“I haven’t found ANY other eye cream that my skin loves as much as thins. You have made my quarantine skin the happiest!”

Jen Howard

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