Organic Rose Facial Toner – Gul


At Ishq we believe in allowing Mother Nature to guide our skincare practice. She knows what’s best for us- growing food that our body needs to thrive that season. Eating seasonal fruits & vegetables is better for body. Rotating our skincare products with the seasons is one of the best things you can do for your skin. 

Roses start blooming in the PNW after the chill of Winter slowly fades. The softness of this glorious flower is what our skin needs after the harshness of the colder months. To honor this natural cyclical change, Gul and Roohani, Ishq Organic Rose Moisturizing Cream will be offered to you April through June. Till then, enjoy the other Ishq Organic Skincare & Haircare products.

Gul, is an Organic Rose Facial Toner made with the organic roses grown in our backyard in Hillsboro. Light, refreshing and oh so soothing Rose water is an excellent toner. It cleanses and hydrates while maintaining your skin’s PH balance.

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Gul in Urdu means Flower and is named after our favorite Aunty who passed away a few years ago.

A seasonal product, Gul is available only when the roses are in bloom. Make sure you’re subscribed to Ishq’s newsletter. Subscribers get first dibs!


Organic fresh rose petals, spring water, organic witch hazel extract, aloe vera gel, organic rose absolute oil


Persian for Flower and Turkish for Rose, regualr use of Gul may:

  • Reduce skin inflammations like redness
  • Reduce pore size
  • Plump your skin with intense moisture that will tighten & brighten

Use your Gul:

  • After sun exposure to instantly soothe skin
  • As a spray to set your makeup
  • To soothe puffy under eyes. Spray some Gul on cotton rounds and place on your eyes for a few minutes. Refresh as needed
  • To calm anxiety


Gul comes in 1oz glass spray bottles that are easy to travel with – to the park, the beach, your backyard. Store it away from sunlight.


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