selena maestas

Ishq Skincare is the most luxurious body product you could ever use. I have oily skin that tends to get completely dried out with most products. All of the products I have used from Ishq Skincare have nourished and balanced my skin better than anything I have ever experienced.
But the best part about Ishq Skincare, is the Sarah Zareen. She IS Ishq. She is LOVE. She creates each and every product herself and grows the herbs locally. She BLESSES each jar with her love. There is LOVE in there…LOVE! If you ever have the chance to be in her presence, or better yet, have her help you experience her products, you will know EXACTLY why Ishq Skincare is so special.
I could literally go on and on about Ishq Skincare, but truly, I just want you to try it…and fall in love with it like I did.

Selena Maestas, Life Coach

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