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Ishq Skincare

 Ishq (ee-shuh-quh) in Urdu means Love

This is a healing line of ethical, organic skincare handcrafted with ingredients sustainably sourced from local Oregon farms and companies that practice fair trade policies.

 We are descendants of a long line of Healers in Southern India and honor that heritage by using skin & hair care recipes passed down to us. Recipes that have been healing skin and soul for centuries.

Ishq Skincare is us sharing the blessings of our Ancestors with you


Why Seasonal Skincare?

We all agree that eating fruits & vegetables that are in season is better, & is a sustainable way to maintain a healthy body. Then why aren’t we treating our skin the same way? 

Your skin changes with the seasons. It makes sense that the way you take care of it should change as well.

At Ishq, we are honoring Mother Nature by rotating our offerings with the change in seasons. To make it simple for you to take better care of your skin, we’ve created  Ishq Seasonal Skincare & Subscription Plans

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Ishq Seasonal Skincare

Making organic skincare simple and sustainable for you

Ishq Seasonal Subscription Box

  • Sign up just once
  • Ishq Organic Seasonal Skincare delivered to your door
  •  Once in 3 months, with the change in seasons
  • Free shipping & samples
  • $33/every 3 months

Ishq Seasonal Subscription Box

  • Sign up just once
  • Ishq Organic Seasonal Skincare delivered to your door
  •  Once in 3 months, with the change in seasons
  • Free shipping & samples
  • $122 for 1 year of Ishq Seasonal Organic Skincare

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Our collaborations with local small business owners


Elliott & Murrey Coffee

Keri loves Ishq so much that we use Elliott & Murrey’s Costa Rican single origin coffee in special batches of Shamaa, Organic Coconut-Coffee Scrub - available exclusively on their website.


Lion & Rose Soap

Shelly Morris uses our very own Uns, Organic Rose-Ancient Volcanic Mud Mask in Lion & Rose’s first facial bar. It feels so nourishing and leaves our skin feeling fresh. COMING SOON!


Sweet Delilah Farm

Sweet Delilah is one of our favorite places to be. We are excited that Farmer Chelsea is growing the dried flowers for Ishq Gift Boxes, lavender and poppy seeds and bulbs for Noor & Hayaath.

We were featured on local TV!

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