3 Reasons to use rose oil in spring

It’s Spring! The gentle sun, sprinkles of rain, flowers waking up. It is our favorite season.

Speaking of seasons, it is time for a rotation in your skincare practice. At Ishq Skincare,  April 1st brings in the season of the Rose – a flower used since ancient times for her healing. Cleopatra, the ancient Egyptian Queen knew of the flower’s immense benefits for the skin. Her daily baths were infused with petals from dozens of roses. Cleopatra also used to fill her chamber with Rose petals, so that every time Marc Anthony would smell a Rose anywhere –  it would remind him of her!

Origin of the Red Rose:

Ancient Greek & Roman history are rich with stories on how the first red Rose was formed. Our favorite at Ishq, is the legend from the Arab world –

Once upon a time, Nightingales were not known for their melodious songs. That is until one day when a Nightingale met the most beautiful white Rose. The love was so true that he was inspired to sing for the very first time! In this ecstasy of Love, all he wanted to do was to get close to the white Rose. But, when he did, one of the thorns pierced the Nightingale’s heart – coloring the Rose red forever. Maybe this legend is one of the reasons red Roses are a symbol of deep love. 

Moving on from the ancient world to our present, there are many reasons to use Rose oil infused skincare in spring, like:

  • Diminishes fine lines
  • Makes your skin radiant
  • Evens skin tone
  • Balances hormone production
  • Improves blood circulation

All wonderful reasons. This post, however, is going to focus on

3 Reasons to Use Rose Skincare in Spring:

Reason 1- Soft, Light Hydration

Rose oil balances out the oils in your skin so beautifully that it remains hydrated & healthy

In Winter the dryness of the season asks for a moisturizing cream that’s heavier in moisturizing properties. Not so as we transition into Spring. After the heaviness of Winter, your skin craves a moisturizer that is light & hydrating. A large part of Ishq Organic Rose Moisturizing Cream is water – organic rose hydrosol & aloe vera gel. Both are important in restoring the moisture levels in your skin, while making your skin feel refreshed.

One of our favorite things about the Ishq Organic Rose Moisturizing Cream is that she’s easily absorbed by your skin without leaving a greasy feel!

Reason 2- Anti inflammatory & Anti Bacterial

When the weather improves, you can’t help but enjoy the warmth & the blooms

Raise your hand if you’ve been out gardening & hiking. In the PNW, we totally have been enjoying the sunshine! Your skin is another story. The sudden exposure to elements can cause irritations – redness, acne breakouts, puffiness. The good thing about Rose Oil is that it has vitamins & minerals that are anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Soothe & protect is the mantra for Spring Skin!

Ishq Organic Rose Moisturizing Cream has the power to soothe skin irritations and protect your skin from further damage.

Reason 3 – Heart Opener

Since Ancient times Rose has been associated with romance and love

Our Ancestors have been using Rose oil for skincare, and to improve mental health. Rose activates our olfactory glands to turn smells into chemical responses. That means less stress & anxiety, and more joy & happiness.

The gentle fragrance of the Rose vibrates with universal love, the kind that accepts you just as you are. It’s the perfect oil for Spring. As you step out of the winter darkness, Rose helps open your heart to receive all the light and love. 

In short, using Rose Oil infused skincare in Spring helps hydrate your skin, reduce inflammations and helps you better receive the Blessings around you.

to show simple sustainable skincare  

At Ishq, we are honored to offer you our Seasonal Rose Collection:

Your skin changes with the seasons 

Rotating your skincare routine with the seasons is a sustainable way of living. We all agree that eating seasonal fruits & vegetables is better for your body & the environment. The same concept applies to your skin. Your skin needs different nourishment throughout the year in order to heal & glow.

This season of lightness should be mirrored in your skincare routine:

  • A gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells &  the harshness of winter while infusing your skin with the softness of Rose. Best used at least 3 times a week
  • A moisturizing cream that is light & hydrating. Use daily for glory, dewy skin
  • A mask that detoxes with love and intention. Use once a week for best results

No more using the same skincare routine in every season

No more going with the latest skincare fad while ignoring the true needs of your skin

Slowing down, paying attention to what’s growing around you, intentionally listening to your body & skin is a healthy way of being.

At Ishq we make it easy for you to take care of your skin in every season – with the Ishq Seasonal Subscription. Sign up just once, and every 3 months organic products your skin needs that season are delivered to your door. Allow us to take care of you this Spring, and in every season. Sign up for your Ishq Seasonal Subscription here to experience the magic of Ancestral Healing.




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