Common Queries

At Ishq Skincare, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority – and that includes providing answers to all of your questions from the convenience of your own home. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get the information you need. If anything still seems a bit unclear, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Ishq (ee-shuh-quh) in Urdu means Love. A love that you feel in every cell of your being, a love that connects you with something deep in your soul.

Urdu is a language I grew up speaking. One of the oldest scripts in the World, Urdu is very poetic. Often, the meanings of the words go deeper than what they appear. For example, Chaandni means Moonlight in Urdu. In poetry Chaandni is referred to a beauty that is delicate, ephemeral, one who’s light glows from within, a beauty that soothes the soul.

100 percent! I started making skincare in 2012 because I was tired of infusing my skin with chemicals. Your Ishq product is handcrafted with chemical free, phthalate free, non-toxic ingredients. Ishq products are wholesome and nourishing and completely non-toxic.

Absolutely! I don’t believe in different products for the parts of your body. Your organic Ishq Skincare product is good for your face and body. It is your Ishq. Use it how you’re inspired to.

Yes! There are no toxins, harsh preservatives or chemicals in any Ishq product, making it safe for sensitive skin. Depending on what you’re sensitive to, certain Ishq products may work better than the rest. Happy to hop on a call to help you choose your Ishq.

Yes! Our youngest client was 3 years old when they started using their favorite Ishq organic moisturizing cream. All of our products are handcrafted with high quality organic ingredients that are free from toxins and chemicals. There are some products, like Luthf organic Lavender moisturizing cream, Tamanna organic Turmeric moisturizing cream, that are more kid friendly because of their mild fragrances.

No. The fragrance in our products comes from organic flowers, herbs and essential oils. Except Junoon, organic Jasmine moisturizing cream that has skin safe pure Jasmine perfume oil.

Yes! I started making skincare primarily for myself. Being allergic to gluten and dairy, I cannot think of adding them to my pure skincare line!

Except for the organic moisturizing creams that have beeswax and lanolin, all of our other products – scrubs, masks, beard and hair oils are plant based and vegan.



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