Organic Masks

We love using masks on our face! Just the thought of using one has our pores tingling in healing anticipation.
Incorporating a nourishing mask into your routine hydrates your skin, improves tonal variances, cleanses and reduces pore sizes while controlling excess oil production. In short, using a mask helps your skin become firmer and brighter.

All of Ishq masks are in a powder form. They don’t expire and you have the freedom to mix in a liquid that suits your skin the best – water/hydrosol/yogurt/honey/milk. Our favorite combination is mixing in plain yogurt (dairy or non dairy is fine. It’s the lactic acid that’s important), honey and rose water. Hydrating and anti-inflammatory!

We recommend you choose an Ishq Mask based on your favorite scent profile. Whichever one you choose, you will have a sensual, healing experience with all your senses coming together to envelop you with non-toxic nourishment.

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